Empyrean’s event-oriented multi-strategy investment philosophy aims to protect and grow investors’ assets through commingled and custom-tailored investment strategies designed to deliver compelling risk-adjusted returns while mitigating risk.

A Steward of Capital

Our investors include many of the world’s leading institutional investors, including corporate, public and union pension funds, academic endowments, and charitable foundations.  Our investment philosophy strives to preserve the capital that our investors rely on for the future, while growing investor assets to meet their goals. 

A Team of Experts Across Strategies and Securities

Empyrean’s event-oriented multi-strategy investment philosophy means our investment team has expertise in a variety of special situation strategies, including equity, credit, convertible, and capital structure arbitrage.  This approach strives to effect optimal results for our investors.




We see opportunities in complex market, regulatory, or legal events, and then employ a rigorous, disciplined research approach for intelligent investing.

Focused yet versatile

We focus risk through a moderately concentrated portfolio, but we are versatile in our investment approach to find clients the best opportunity set.

Risk Management

We maintain market-neutral profiles, as we believe situation-specific risk is better for clients than directional risk.